2 - 4 March 2021 | Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City
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First of all,
We thank you very much for your understanding
and support for Beviale Mexico.

We are living a health emergency and it is time to take care of ourselves.
The health of your family, suppliers, customers, colleagues, the entire
beverage industry, and yours comes first of all.

Only strong and healthy can we continue our lives fully productive.
In order to achieve this, in Beviale Mexico we are attending
the recommendations of the World Health Organization
and of our authorities.

Be assured that we are working to further
Strengthen Beviale Mexico 2021 to become
the Development Platform that will support
you and drive your business forward.

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Therefore, for you, for Mexico and for the entire beverage industry, we see the importance
of launching Beviale Mexico until 2021.

We trust that by then we will meet and see
this pandemic as something we successfully overcome.

We are looking forward to see you at Centro Citibanamex,
in Mexico City from March 2nd to 4th.

The date in the first quarter of 2021 allows the beverage
industry to prepare to face the challenges
and opportunities of 2021.

It will always be important to have
a meeting place.

After all, this global health crisis may teach us just how vital it is,
to get together, to have common meeting grounds and to value them.
It can also teach us to appreciate interpersonal relationships, in order
for us all to achieve better and healthier commercials relationships.

Take care and stay healthy, we'll see you soon!

If you have questions, doubts or comments,
don’t hesitate to contact your Beviale Mexico team:

El equipo de Beviale México 2020

Our recognition and gratitude

to all people working in the Health Sector, all those valuable
professionals who take care of our health and who have redoubled
their efforts with vocation and dedication, THANK YOU.

To all those who are infected by COVID-19, or that have friends
or sick family members, we wish them all a full recovery.